Canopy Specialist LLC can provide quality workmanship on:
  • Canopies
  • Re-Images
  • Building Fascias
  • Complete Design-Build
Packages that will create the best economical solution
for your needs.
Canopy Specialist LLC  will conduct
field measurements and assessments on
canopies if damaged or are in need of
repair to provide quick responses
in proposals for repair and/or

Competitive bids for even custom designs

Building Fascia and store front facades
Canopy Specialist LLC can provide our expertise
and experience to fulfill your needs with "Re-Images" of the canopy and site.
Sometimes Re-Imaging is the most
practical and cost efficient way to
modify an existing structure rather than build from scratch.
Whether you are switching brands or
just need it refreshed and brought
up-to-date with the new and latest
image ...
Canopy Specialist LLC
can assist you.
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